Friday, March 28, 2008

Back to normal

What started out as a holiday break from writing and focusing on fitness soon turned into a medical leave of absence on the blog here. Shortly after the holidays I became sick, nauseas, tired and just not feeling right. I knew right away that our plans to have another baby were now solid. I was pregnant.

When I am pregnant, I always and forever will develop a complication called Hyperemesis. Over the last few months, I was severely dehydrated and starving due to unrelenting nausea and vomiting. I lost 20 pounds (of muscle, of course) and had to discontinue my workout routine. I couldn't get off the couch let alone do a bicep curl.

Now that the medication is working and the hormones that cause me to be close to death are stabilizing, I feel like I can once again take some time and focus on writing fitness tips and advice - which is great because I feel like I lost some brain power along with the muscle mass.

Posts may not be daily, but they will be at least weekly for now. Since the weather is warming up and people are realizing that swim suit season is right around the corner, more and more people have been asking me about starting my online training program, so the Cyber-Client list has been updated as well.

I have a lot of topics running through my head from marathon training to prenatal workouts (obviously). Hopefully I can get this thing rolling again!