Sunday, July 22, 2007

Awesome Abs! Try this on for size

It's a hot topic in the gym and in the world of fitness. Awesome Abs, Washboard Stomach, Six Pack, whatever you want to call it, everyone wants it. People will obsessively train their abs in order to achieve this result. Knowing that nutrition and genetics play a huge role in the end result, variety in training plays another.

There are a million different exercises for core training. From basic floor crunches to ball crunches to creative exercises that incorporate balance and stability training. There's no lack of ab routines, that's for sure. However, people often get stuck in a rut repeating the same ab exercises week after week. This is one way to not only kill your motivation and excitement about working out, but it's also a good way to kill any progress in achieving that nice waistline. Variety truly is the spice of life and the trick to Integrated Training.

If you've been bored with your basic crunch, try this exercise out: Prone Iso-Abs.
This is a great basic exercise that can take your dull core routine to the next level. It makes you burn, sweat and even shake! Once you get stronger and this becomes too easy, there are a handful of ways to progress this exercise to increase the challenge.

This is one of my favorite ab exercises that I swear by and it has the tendency to make my clients swear. After some time with this, a good nutrition plan and a well designed workout routine, you'll swear this works too!

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