Friday, June 1, 2007

Spreading like wildfire. Get a button for your blog!

Writing tips and helping people with fitness information has been a lot a fun for me and it's been a great challenge thinking of different topics to post on a regular basis (or at least I try...) I'm proud that this blog is unlike any other fitness blog out there, providing factual and scientific information to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Some people out there in the blogging world have buttons on their sidebars to help spread the word about Virtual Fitness and my cyber-training programs. I greatly appreciate their support. The readership continues to grow with new visitors and I thought I would get the button codes up for those who have this blog bookmarked as a favorite, linked to their blog rolls or anyone who wants to help get the word out. Just copy the HTML code in the box and you're set!

Thank You for your continued support!!!


Wendy said...

I posted one on my blog! I meant to a while back so I am glad that you posted about it again! I am so happy that things are going so well for you!

Kate said...

i've added it and enjoy your blog. i wish more trainers would read it and not spout what they do in order to sell stuff... ugh.