Thursday, April 26, 2007

Planning your attack by setting SMAART goals

Vision is important. But, more important is the strategy to make that vision a reality. Strategy (and goal setting) channels effort, boosts motivation and enhances performance. Try the six SMAART goal principles:
  • Specific- Specific goals result in better performance. Aim to workout a certain number of days per week, the total amount of cardio time per day, etc.
  • Measurable- Measurable goals help you to know if the strategy is working. This also helps to minimize the tendency to view success in "all or nothing" terms, which sets up an individual for certain failure.
  • Aggressive- Aggressive goals tend to create greater performance. This is a great confidence builder as well. You feel better knowing that you're not taking the easy way out.
  • Approach- The approach to goal setting should be a focus on the positive end result, rather than the negative states to avoid. Avoidance goals tend to backfire.
  • Relevant- Relevant goals help to maintain focus. Multiple goals can cloud your vision, thus limiting your success. Keep your eye on the prize.
  • Time bound- Short-term goals raise confidence and determination. By creating dead-lines, you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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