Saturday, April 14, 2007

OK! That's it! Motivation and focusing on the X-Factor

Whether you are trying to find the motivation to get started or you're trying to hang onto what got you going in the first place, it's all about the "X-Factor". The X-Factor is that moment in time where you think to yourself "I have to get in shape. I have to go to the gym. I have to do this NOW".

The X-Factor is raw feeling. It's the feeling of catching a glimps of your expanding rear as you pass by the bathroom mirror and are completely shocked and caught off guard. "Is that really my butt? You've got to be kidding!" It's the feeling of overhearing the honesty of a child in the grocery store. "Mom! Look at how big their tummy is! Are they having a baby too?", when you're not expecting. It's the feeling of not being able to button up your favorite pair of jeans that used to fit OK. It's the feeling of not being able to open a jar of pickles and you have to ask your wife for help, who doesn't struggle in the least bit. It's the feeling of thinking you just ran a marathon when it was only a flight of stairs. It's the feeling of eminent death after your father just died from a preventable obesity related heart attack. It's the feeling that something is not right. It's shocking and it's urgent.

The X-factor makes you call to get a gym membership without hesitation, no matter the cost. It makes you skip the candy and chip isles at the supermarket. It makes you wake up early to get your workout done for the day. It makes you push that last rep out in your lift, when all you want to do is quit. It's the last mile in your morning run. It's the motivation to Just Do It. No starting on Monday. No "last meal" or last sugary treat. It absolutely starts NOW.

You may never get started on your fitness program if you don't know and understand your X-Factor. You may never stay in the game if you lose sight of it. Getting the ball rolling is not easy, but it's certainly easier when you have the X-Factor staring you in the face. There are always highs and lows in a training program. This makes it easy to slack off or quit. Not so much when you're reminded of your X-Factor.

What made you start working out and eating better? What made you get a personal trainer? What motivated you so much that you put action behind thought and feeling and followed through? What is your X-Factor?


ws said...

I don't know that there was ever a specific X-Factor, but I know it was something internal and not a reaction to someone else's commentary on me. And, I'm a firm believer that a lifestyle change like fitness always has to be something you decide to do for yourself and not for someone else or to change their opinion.

And, I've become more consistent in this belief, because me entire childhood I was told to lose weight and it never seemed important enough to do until I decided to do it for myself. A word to the wise for parents, trying to guilt or shame your child into making a change in their life will rarely result in success.

Tonia said...

I want to be a hot mom and not look like my mother in law

e said...

Mine was the fact that I couldn't stand to look at myself naked. If *I* don't want to look at it, why in the hell would I think my hubby would? :p

Jake Silver said...

I think I have more than one. First of all, I want to be strong enough and in good enough shape to be able to play and wrestle with my son.

Second, I have this dream to be a wiry old guy with no disease or anything.

And third, when I walk into Target and see all the skinny dude models on the posters in the mens section... I wanna look like that.