Monday, April 23, 2007

How many calories did you burn while saving the Earth?

Yesterday was Earth Day. It was a great day to get out and enjoy all that Mother Nature provides for us. It was also a great day to be proactive and physically active at the same time. How many calories did you burn? Here's an Earth Day list to find out!
  • A leisurely bike to the grocery store, leaving the car at home: 291 cal/60 min.
  • Walking/running/playing with the kids at the park: 175 cal/60 min.
  • Tending to your organic vegetable garden: 233 cal/60 min.
  • Planting a tree: 204 cal/60 min.
  • A jog around the neighborhood: 350/60 min.
  • A friendly game of basketball in the driveway after dinner: 291 cal/60 min.
  • Flag football before a family barbecue: 408 cal/60 min.
  • Ultimate Frisbee on the green grass: 146 cal/60 min.
  • Tennis in the sun: 350 cal/60 min.
  • Hiking in the Great Outdoors: 291 cal/60 min.


Breanne Kula said...

where did u get this info?
or did u just guess?

Kristin said...

No, I didn't just guess. There are a multitude of calorie calculators out there.

I'm a member of a personal training site that has fitness articles, information on the latest research developments, exercise libraries and calorie calculators.