Monday, April 2, 2007

How are they doing? Cyber Client Results

Everyone who's working out with the OPT (TM) training program and following their nutrition plan has achieved great results. Here are updates from a few people:

Stefanie emailed me with news (before she got sick) that it's been ten years since she's been at her new weight.

Last week Kim was successful with her nutrition and cutting out sugar. She lost 5 pounds that week!

Wendy got her body fat percentage checked and has ONLY 3 percent (6 pounds) more to go to get to her goal (along with continuing to increase her speed in her marathon training).

Beth posted about her 13 pound loss after working out on the program (yeah!)

Van emailed and she didn't see any results with Weight Watchers after three weeks. Now after three weeks of diligent effort on the nutrition and workout plan, she's lost almost 9 pounds!

Big high fives to everyone busting their butts. It takes commitment and effort to achieve these kind of results. They've definitely earned it!!


MrFunkMD said...

You cant argue with those.

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