Monday, February 19, 2007

Spot Reduction is a fitness myth!

Many people believe that if you just do a lot of crunches, your waist line will shrink. Or, if you do a million squats in your routine, you'll drop the fat from your thighs.


The concept of spot reduction is a complete myth. We have absolutely no control of where we lose body fat in our quest of a slim & toned body. It's all up to genetics. And ladies, I hate to tell you this, but the first place to shrink is usually your chest.

While we have no control of where we lose fat, we do have control in targeting specific muscles for strength. Focusing on your chest will help you achieve an increase in upper body strength. Incorporating a multitude of leg exercises will make your quads stronger.

You'll see a difference in muscle specific routines as long as the rest of the components of your program are in place. Your nutrition must be balanced & the type of cardio must fit your goal. With the right routine, you'll watch your body change before your eyes.


Alissa said...

Really? Because I've gone up and down 10 or 12 pounds for the past 3 years, and I've never lost size or mass in my chest. I sure wish I would! If I could find a way to drop a bra size I'd be in heaven!

Kristin said...

Generally speaking, yes. Most women tend to notice change in their chest first. But again, it all depends on genetics. There's also the gym conversation, "If you want to lose weight (name body part), that's probably where you're going to change last". It's usually true.

stefanierj said...

Oh yeah, that's me. All 5 of the lbs I lost the first week on the Kristin Plan came right off my chest, dammit. But hey--apparently, I DO still have ribs! Hadn't seen 'em in a while...